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RDM in physics: promoting services and understanding needs

A meeting took place on Friday, September 18 at the Maison Magistères, organized in partnership with open-science actors from Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA). Participants included around 30 CNRS physicists from 3 laboratories: Neel Institute, LNCMI and LPMMC.

The goal, shared by UGA and CNRS (2nd theme of their roadmap for open science), was to generate discussion about sharing research data, developing a data management culture, and finally, operational data management.

After an introduction about the context for open science and the growing concern for data management, actions taken by UGA for researchers (such as the Cellule Data Stewardship and the data platform PerSCiDO) were presented. Productive exchange followed that helped to identify researchers’ problems: rights to own or reuse research data, certified and standard warehouses, and data organization and description.

The meeting concluded with the launch of a partnership between the Datacc project, the UGA Data Stewardship cell and several research projects to assist researchers with existing data management practices.


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