About us

The project

The purpose of the Datacc’ project, led by university libraries since 2019, is to assist researchers. Assistance with data is in line with projects supported by the the CollEx-Persée French scientific consortium which has fully modernized documentary processes developed by library members of the CADIST network, responsible for establishing reference collections in a given discipline between 1983 and 2017.

As the reference documentation centers in chemistry and physics, the libraries of the Lyon 1 University and the Grenoble Alpes University decided to work together to improve research data management in these two fields. This clearly discipline-based approach is one of the original aspects of the support system and responds to needs in the two communities. The action initiated by the two libraries therefore targets the implementation of innovative services for complementary scientific communities with long-lasting history on the two campuses.

This approach is based on more global open science principles as defined in the French National Plan, adopted in July 2018, including data structuring and open access.

This concern for data management is part of a collective effort to advance scientific integrity and to improve experiment reproducibility – topics that have been discussed for several years.

Themes for action

The project team’s actions reflect five main themes:

  • Assistance in preparing data management plans
  • Deployment of a pilot-project on electronic laboratory notebooks
  • Organizing scientific events (such as the data lunch)
  • Training on data management
  • Thoughts given to the publication of negative results


Since the outset, the project has been conducted in close collaboration with Inist, linked to the DoRANum training platform and URFIST Méditérranée which supports the project team by providing teaching aids on data management in Physics and Chemistry.

Content usage

All contents from the site Datacc.org are freely reusable under the CC-BY-SA licence.