News in brief

Monitoring Bulletin – May 2020

France’s scientific profile, FAIR data in chemistry, survey into research practices, etc. See what’s happening this month.

Monitoring Bulletin – June 2020

This bulletin is prepared by the Datacc’ project team. It is a prototype in preparation for the future launch of […]

Monitoring Bulletin – July 2020

Publication fees at ACS and APS, negative data, electronic lab notebooks, Covid-19, research funding, and more. Get all latest news for the month before the summer break.

RDM in physics: promoting services and understanding needs

A meeting took place on Friday, September 18 at the Maison Magistères, organized in partnership with open-science actors from Université […]

Monitoring Bulletin – September 2020

This month’s issue features: Germany’s enormous budget for chemical data and an analysis of the researchers’ report about “negative” results.

Monitoring Bulletin – April 2020

Data management, scientific publishing in physics and chemistry, open science etc. Get the latest monthly news.